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Lance Picioane

Lance Picioane – Founder & CEO, Love Me Love You Foundation

Husband, father of 2 boys, former AFL Player, industry-leading mental health advocate and suicide survivor. Lance connects the reality of our mental health journey with user friendly mental health frameworks. Having lived with the devastation of an unsupported mental health diagnosis for close to 20 years culminating in his last suicide attempt in 2011, Lance’s vision with the Love Me Love You foundation is to help guide and support our communities on the journey so that they don’t experience what almost cost him his life.


Are you thinking about a working holiday in the UK?

When it comes to working in the UK as a health professional, there isn’t much Directors’ Danielle Weedon and Clare Jones don’t know. Both have worked as a Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist in the UK, and have a unique understanding of the planning and support required in the lead up to moving overseas. They can support you with advice on both HCPC and Visa applications, opportunities for work in multiple locations across the UK, as well as guide you through the process from the start until your arrival in the UK.


Splash Paediatric Therapy

Splash Paediatric Therapy, a Melbourne-based paediatric therapy practice specialising in occupational therapy, speech pathology and psychology. Splash’s service is primarily clinic based, however they provide outreach services to kinder, home and schools depending on the child or family goals. Lisa Clark, Occupational Therapist and Director of Splash Paediatric Therapy shares her insights and passion behind launching and growing the business, and in terms of staff, how they stand out from other practices!

Employment Hero

Employment Hero – Incorporating people, payroll and productivity into one easy platform.

Employment Hero is an end-to-end Human Resources and Payroll solution, covering every aspect of the employee lifecycle including recruitment, onboarding, contracts, engagement, policies, and payroll. Jessica Maclennan, Account Executive, talks to healthcare business owners about the perks of using Employment Hero to save time, money and streamline HR and payroll systems.

Emma Gee

Emma Gee – Inspirational Speaker and Author

Emma Gee is an acclaimed International Inspirational Speaker & Author, offering her thoughts and solutions on person-centred care and resilience through her keynote presentations, workshops and consultancy. With a background in Occupational Therapy and as a stroke survivor, Emma is a renowned expert and a living example of what it takes to step in another’s shoes and truly bounce back in life.


Theratrak: Your Virtual Therapy Assistant

Theratrak is a digital therapy platform aiming to empower clinicians with the right digital tools to provide the best possible early intervention to children living with disabilities. Theratrak allows therapists to capture and digitise information in therapy sessions then use this data to prescribe, monitor and track their client’s therapy home programs.


The Mind You Program – Around the Iceberg

The Mind You Program is a mental health program for the workplace. It was co-founded by Registered Psychologist, Liv Downing, and Clinical Psychologist, Caroline Weinstein, lifelong friends who are most passionate about supporting mental health in the workplace.


My Beautiful Mess – Peta Sitcheff

‘My Beautiful Mess’ is a very raw, real and inspiring memoir of Peta Sitcheff’s experience of, and recovery from, burnout after 13 years as a sales consultant in the medical device industry.