Lina Breik

Nutrition is more than just medicine – Tube Dietitian

Tube Dietitian is an NDIS registered home enteral nutrition service (i.e. tube feeding service) bringing expert dietitians to someone’s home, computer screen, telephone, and email through 1:1 nutrition consultations or nutrition training sessions. Senior Accredited Practising Dietitian and Founder, Lina Breik, has a decade of Australian hospital experience in tube feeding. 

People who have a feeding tube need their calorie, protein, and micronutrient needs met, just like everyone else. They get those needs met from a calculated amount of liquid formula or blended food down the tube daily.

That’s what the dietitians at Tube Dietitian do. We calculate that amount and make adjustments based on someone’s bowel habits, medical treatment, physical therapy needs, energy levels, hydration, swallow capacity, and lifestyle changes.

We also offer tailored nutrition training in all things home tube feeding. So if you are a group of allied health workers that care for people with feeding tubes, empowering yourselves with the knowledge of the what, why, where, and how of tube feeding means understanding your patients holistically.

We want to:

  • Remove the fear out of having a feeding tube,
  • Bridge the gap between hospital and home for people with feeding tubes, and
  • Give our patients the opportunity to take control of their nutritional health with responsive, evidence-based, and person-centered care.


The team at Tube Dietitian have a combined 20+ years of experience in optimal nutrition through a tube after having worked across several tertiary-teaching healthcare organisations in Australia. 

Whilst we are primarily based in Australia, we do consult with patients from around the world.

We believe nutrition is more than just medicine. It’s an expression of love, it defines cultures, and it is a part of all our social interactions. Nutrition through a feeding tube is no different.