image of person with a disability in a wheelchair with a colourful wheel cover

Colour My Wheels – More Than Just Wheel Covers

Wheelchairs are essential for many individuals, but they can often feel like they lack personality. Enter Colour My Wheels, a company revolutionising the way we think about wheelchairs. Our vibrant and customisable wheel covers not only add flair but have also become unexpected conversation starters and ice breakers for users of all ages. 

Adding Personality to Mobility

Colour My Wheels offers an array of designs that cater to various tastes and styles, including custom which means there is something for everyone. Our wheel covers allow users to express their individuality and make their wheelchairs an extension of their personality.  

Sparking Conversations

One of the most remarkable aspects of Colour My Wheels wheel covers is their ability to spark conversations. Many wheelchair users have shared stories of how their colourful wheel covers have caught the eye of strangers, leading to positive and engaging interactions.  

These interactions can be especially significant for individuals who may feel like their wheelchair makes them invisible. The vibrant designs draw attention in a positive way, inviting curiosity and encouraging others to approach.  

Benefits for All Ages

The appeal of Colour My Wheels wheel covers transcends age. For our younger users, the covers can make their wheelchairs feel more like a cool accessory rather than a necessity. This can boost their confidence and help them feel more included among their peers. Teenagers and adults, on the other hand, can use the covers to reflect their evolving styles just as one would with any other fashion accessory. 

Our wheel covers can also serve as a form of self-expression for the elderly (just ask Jo’s mum!), who often face challenges related to visibility and social engagement. A set of colourful wheels can brighten up their day and provide a starting point for conversations. 

Beyond Aesthetic Appeal

Colour My Wheels wheel covers are functional as Spoke Guards as well as decorative accessories;  but mostly they are powerful tools for fostering social interaction and boosting confidence among wheelchair users of all ages. By transforming wheelchairs into personalised, eye-catching statements, these covers encourage curiosity, conversation, and connection, making the world a more inclusive place one wheelchair at a time. 

NDIS Funding

NDIS funding is available for our wheel covers / spoke guards.  We currently work with therapists and equipment providers who utilise NDIS funding for their clients.  As ‘assistive technologies accessories – consumables’ our spoke guards are an inexpensive, easy add on when scripting a wheelchair.   

We are super proud of their responsible manufacture, ease of use and how lightweight the wheel covers are. At a maximum of just 270g per cover, they add extremely little weight to a wheelchair. But don’t fooled, they are extremely durable, easy to clean, scratch resistant, will stand up to wet weather and will not fade. 


How to Order 

As a therapist or equipment supplier, contacting us at is the easiest way to get in touch. 

For our complete range, or ordering online 

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For any questions at all 0407413330.