Clare and Danielle have worked together for 20 years, providing a unique career advisory and recruitment service to Allied Health Professionals in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.
Clare Jones - Allied Health Podcast host

Clare Jones

Director at MediRecruit, Clare is a qualified Occupational Therapist from the University of Queensland with 20 years of recruitment expertise in the healthcare sector nationally and internationally. Clare is passionate about supporting Allied Health Professionals throughout their entire career.

Danielle Weedon - Allied Health Podcast host

Danielle Weedon

Director at MediRecruit, Danielle is a qualified Physiotherapist from the University of Melbourne with 20 years of recruitment expertise in the healthcare sector, including clinical Allied Health, Occupational Rehabilitation and Injury Management, and healthcare sales in Australia, NZ and the UK. Danielle shares personal experience when it comes to the importance of career diversification and is passionate about guiding health professionals to discover the diverse career opportunities available to them.