Power Diary

Get Your Health Practice Ready for the New Year with Power Diary

As the year comes to a close and festive lights brighten the spirit, it’s a time for celebration and resolutions. For allied health practices, it’s also an opportune moment to refocus and prepare for the upcoming year. Here are some friendly tips to ensure your health practice thrives in the new year:  

Update Client Records: Start by ensuring your client records are current and accurate. Use forms linked to client profiles to efficiently update details and remind clients to provide any new information. This proactive approach maintains a high standard of care. 

Get Your Finances in Order:
A strong financial foundation is crucial. Run accounts receivables and aged receivables reports to understand what’s owed to your clinic. Reconcile invoices and payments for accurate financial records, providing confidence as you enter the new year. 

Review Availability, Rates & Success Metrics: Reflect on the past year’s performance to set informed goals for the upcoming year. Update practitioner availability, introduce new services, and consider rate adjustments based on market trends and value provided. 

Strengthen Connections with Key Referral Partners: Express gratitude to referral partners during the holiday season, reinforcing collaborative relationships. Holiday communications also serve as a non-intrusive way to remind clients and referrers of your services and any new offerings. 

Review Your Practice Operations Manual: Ensure your practice adheres to current legal and ethical guidelines by reviewing your operations manual annually. Involve your team in the process to foster a culture of collective responsibility and continuous improvement. 

Expand Your Healthcare Toolkit: Utilise Power Diary’s innovative features to simplify administrative tasks and enhance client engagement. From online client forms to referral expiry reports, the software offers a comprehensive suite of features to streamline your practice management. 

Preparing your health practice for the new year can be efficient and streamlined with the right tools. Power Diary provides a range of features, including client management, financial reporting, and communication templates. Experience the difference by signing up for a free trial and step into the new year with confidence and control.