Lance Picioane

Lance Picioane – Founder & CEO, Love Me Love You Foundation

Husband, father of 2 boys, former AFL Player, industry leading mental health advocate and suicide survivor.

Lance connects the reality of our mental health journey with user friendly mental health frameworks.

Having lived with the devastation of an unsupported mental health diagnosis for close to 20 years culminating in his last suicide attempt in 2011, Lance’s vision with the Love Me Love You foundation is to help guide and support our communities on the journey so that they don’t experience what almost cost him his life.

LMLY does not play in the crisis support space. We don’t diagnose. We don’t provide blueprints. We don’t look to fix people.

LMLY provides the frameworks, the tools and the skills to ensure no one walks their journey alone. Why? so that we can create mentally healthy Australian communities filled with inclusive and supportive conversations and pathways.

LMLY recognises that there is an overwhelming number of resources related to mental health and mental health challenges. LMLY recognises that people and communities are still feeling alone. Through accredited programs and online communities, LMLY looks to simplify the jargon, cut out the BS, and walk or wheel the journey with communities.

LMLY recognises the difference between mental health and mental health diagnosis, and are able to align appropriately (so that the community doesn’t have to!):

  • Prevention and early intervention
  • Lived experienced
  • Evidence informed approaches
  • Data driven and collection
  • Emphasise on shared responsibility


Our programs aim to:

  • Improve the effectiveness of peer-to-peer conversations on mental health and mental health challenges within communities
  • Reduce perceived and real stigma attached to mental health and mental health challenges through meaningful and real conversations
  • Enable community members to support those around them who may be facing mental health challenges
  • Improve rates of help seeking within communities


LMLY are looking to create a ripple effect through the community members we walk and wheel with, impacting wider communities through preventing the tough days and weeks turning into tough months, diagnosis. Please go to our website to find out more.