Theratrak: Your Virtual Therapy Assistant

We all know that the therapy journey is complex and challenging at times. How does a participant remember the information from their weekly or fortnightly sessions? How do carers who don’t attend the session know what to do at home and collect the best data about progress? 

We also know we have a burnt-out and under-resourced workforce struggling to meet the market’s demands, even in some cases with kids waiting up to 12 months to receive early intervention services.  

Theratrak is a mobile app and web platform that enables allied health professionals to work collaboratively to create, monitor and track custom therapy programs for participants. But it’s not just that. The participant app is also gamified using the latest in behavioural science and positive psychology to build intrinsic motivation in clients and ultimately help them reach their goals sooner. 

So how does it work?   

Therapists use the mobile app in sessions like a therapy tool. They can capture and digitise meaningful information from the therapy session and send this home with custom and trackable notifications. The programs take minutes to set up and often save the therapist time on documentation requirements after the session. 

Participants and their carers have access to the app for free. They can invite any carer, guardian or support person to their channel, manage multiple therapies in one place and even manage multiple accounts if they care for multiple people. 

Finally, Theratrak captures real-time feedback data, which we know is the most clinically evident. The app lets participants capture qualitative and quantitative feedback about their activities. Enabling therapists to measure progress over time and supporting them to make the most informed decisions before the next session. 

Think of Theratrak as your virtual therapy assistant, there to give your participants a friendly nudge to keep them on track and save you time on documentation so you can get back to doing the therapy you love. 

Try it out today for free with our 30-day free trial period and no lock-in contracts. 

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