Trivida - Innovation for greater mobility

Trivida – Innovation for Greater Mobility

“In the first period after my accident, a solution like Trivida® would have helped me to become independent again more quickly. That is why I support this product with all my heart.”

– Kristina Vogel, Olympic and World champion in track cycling, paraplegic after a training accident in 2018

Trivida is a world-first wheel that makes it possible to transfer from and into a wheelchair without any obstacles. Whether it is from your wheelchair or into your wheelchair, these wheels are a unique solution for more inclusion and barrier-free living.

Revolutionary triatec technology allows the upper segment of the wheel to be easily removed so that a lateral transfer from the wheelchair to the external seat and vice versa is possible without any barriers.

Trivida wheels promote greater mobility in day-to-day life – daily transfers between wheelchair and bed, toilet or shower stool, couch, chair, stair lift or car seat require less energy and are easier.

In the everyday life of a wheelchair user, there are countless situations where a change in position is required. For wheelchair users, their family and/or carers, these transfers from and into the wheelchair are a time-consuming and exhaustive task. Depending on individual mobility, many wheelchair users rely on help. Even for wheelchair users who can manage transfers themselves, this may become more difficult with increasing age due to loss of strength or age-related mobility restrictions.

The wheels fit most wheelchairs and there are conversion kits – it easily fits a 12 mm or half inch quick release axle.  The tyres are solid plastic that are flush (not bumping on the joins) and easy to replace should they wear over time.

Simply:• Position your wheelchair• Put the breaks on• The top segment can now be removed• Transfer safely and easily

If you’re a therapist working with clients who may benefit from the Trivida wheel, please reach out to us at, or for more information.

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